It’s 7:30pm and I am totally shattered. Ursula is too – in fact I suspect if I went back inside on what is the first decent summer’s evening we’ve had, well, pretty much all summer, I’d find her fast asleep on the bed. And the scary thing is it really hasn’t been a particularly tiring day – just a typical family weekend day. A bit of pottering about in the garden this morning, dropped the kids off at my parents for a play at lunchtime while we went to do some shopping, then took them to a birthday party of one of Jacob’s friends this afternoon. What on earth is it going to be like when there are four of them? There will probably be at least one birthday party every weekend (if not more), four bikes to get out of the shed, and four people to push on the swings…(note to self – how do you get four children on a swing set that’s only big enough for two? Hmmm…tricky…)

Anyway, thoroughly enjoying this bottle of Chilean Sauvignon Blanc, and the fact that Ursula can’t drink at the moment probably means I’ll end up drinking the whole bottle. Again. And feeling rubbish in the morning. Oh the trials of being married to a pregnant bird.

Oh – a robin red breast has just landed on the trampoline. Cute…

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