Totally gutted

This is nothing to do with twins or families or anything like that. I was going to write another post tonight because I’m getting stick from the Mrs for not having posted in ages. She likes reading this because she says it’s the only way to find out what I’m actually thinking. In fact the reason for not having posted for a while is because I’ve been laid low with a nasty case of tonsilitis for much of the last week. 

But anyway, I’m not here to talk about any of that. I just want a quick opportunity to vent my spleen at that disgusting organisation that is the FIA. I’ve just watched Lewis Hamilton win possibly the most amazing Grand Prix of his career to date (as a father with “family commitments”, I NEVER get to watch a race live. It’s always on the Sky+, and I rarely get to know the result much before midnight on a Sunday night) holding his nerve as the rain started pouring down on the last few laps in Belgium, while the chump Raikkonen planted it in the wall as soon as the track got wet. So there I was about to go to bed feeling all positive and pleased, and I thought I’d just quickly log on to to look at some reaction. And there to my horror I discovered that Hamilton has had a post-race penalty of 25s applied, stripping him of his win.

The reason? For gaining an advantage by cutting the chicane while trying to overtake Raikkonen. HELLO? STEWARDS? Were you watching the same race as me? 

  1. Hamilton made a fair move on a struggling Raikkonen into the chicane, and only had to cut the corner because Raikkonen (in my opinion) unfairly closed the door on him when Hamilton had the advantage. Had he stayed on the road, they would have crashed, taking them both out of the race. So cutting the chicane was the only thing he could have done.
  2. Hamilton IMMEDIATELY let Raikkonen back through, the only appropriate action when you’ve gained a position by cutting the chicane, whether legitimately or not. How can he be deemed to have gained an advantage when he deliberately eased off to let Raikkonen back through?
  3. Hamilton then had to pass BEHIND, and then back off to avoid once again colliding with, an all over the place and increasingly desperate Raikonnen, to take the inside line into La Source hairpin, at which point he regained the lead. 

WHERE WAS THE UNFAIR ADVANTAGE? Hamilton just drove better than Raikkonen.

Any suggestions that the FIA is not really biased towards Ferrari, it’s just circumstance that makes it look that way, are now well and truly dead. Independent panel of stewards my arse. Isn’t it amazing how, two weeks ago, when Ferrari released Massa into the path of Adrian Sutil in the pit lane, clearly in breach of the rules and the spirit of the sport, it was deemed not worthy of a penalty, and saved a lot of red faces at Ferrari and a lot of championship points for Massa. Yet in this racing incident, where nobody was hurt, no rules were broken, it was simply the case of the better driver coming out of tussle in the lead, the FIA immediately stomp on it, and who stands to gain the most? Ferrari, and Massa.

Now I’m not usually one for a conspiracy theory (well OK that may not be strictly true, but that’s not relevant to this discussion) but here goes. Ron Dennis, while not directly responsible, probably knows more about Max Mosley’s little Gestapo get-together than he’s prepared to admit. The whole thing was just the next battle in the war that escalated out of all control with the pathetic $100 million fine in the so-called “Spygate” scandal last year. Mosley knows it, and will stop at nothing to make Dennis’, and McLaren’s, life a misery. Mosley exerts direct control over the stewards, and this was his decision. The slimy fox will always be able to hide behind the veil of the rules – he only ever acts if he can see a chink he can exploit. The quicker Mosley is removed from the power-broking executive of this sport, the better.

Now I am happy to admit that much of this sounds like the ramblings of a lunatic, and it’s entirely possible, indeed quite likely, that I’m well wide of the mark. But the fact is that I’m absolutely seething about this utter travesty and injustice. I don’t think I’ve ever been this angry about something that doesn’t actually involve me. I go to bed an extremely upset and annoyed man, and I wish McLaren all the luck in the world in their appeal. Every time I think I’m starting to warm to Ferrari (which was starting to happen post-Todt) something like this happens. Grrr…

Anyway I hope to return this blog to business as usual in the next few days, so stay tuned.


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