Yesterday morning, I had to manage the boys solo. Ursula had to leave early to do an interview with Bobby Robson for the health section of a Sunday paper. At this point any ordinary man would surely be in awe, but unfortunately having about as much interest in football as I do in Grey’s Anatomy, I was sadly unimpressed by this particular job.

Anyway, getting two small boys out of bed, dressed, breakfasted, into the car, with their respective bags, jackets and packed lunches, and delivered to two separate schools, one at 9 and one at 9:15, single-handed, was challenging to say the least. By the time I was finished, I was ready for bed, let alone a day at work. And apparently I have to do the whole thing all over again on Monday, as Ursula has a scan at the hospital, which might actually produce some interesting news for this blog.

All of which begs the obvious question: how the hell do you do this with 4? Of course the whole solo thing doesn’t happen all that often, but even when Ursula and I are both at full tilt on a school morning, it’s a struggle to get everyone where they’re supposed to be on time. If my calculations are correct, we will be blessed with one year (I think it will be 2014) when they’re all at the same school. But other than that, the logistics of managing four children’s daily movements fill me with absolute terror. 

On a separate note, we received confirmation on Wednesday that the regulation changes on the loft conversion front are indeed in our favour. It’s wonderful news, although I’m still having difficulty accepting that it’s true. So we can now press ahead with getting it done. All that’s needed now is to make a decision about a loft conversion company. I am well aware that I’m driving my wife crazy by taking my time over this, but I’m afraid I have too much of my mother in me, and I have to be completely sure before I give anyone the go ahead. So tomorrow is set to be a joyous day of going to look round other people’s lofts, to check out the quality of the work of the two contenders.

And just a quick observation before I sign off for the night: isn’t weird the way a bottle of wine disappears much quicker when you drink out of a big glass?


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