So the results are in. Well, half the results are in. Ursula went to the hospital for a scan this morning, and one of the two babies is definitely a boy. The second is either a girl with an umbilical cord between her legs or a boy with an enormous set of crown jewels.

I’m not really sure what to make of this news. I suppose if I’m honest I feel slightly relieved. I think two girls was the scariest prospect of all the possible options, just because, as I’ve mentioned here before, I don’t have a clue how to handle little girls. If baby 2 is a girl, she’ll be safe in the knowledge that she will be the undisputed centre of attention for the whole family, being as she would be, the first female Hirschkorn to be born in 63 years. If he’s a boy, well it won’t come as much of a surprise, for the same reason I just gave – we don’t really do girls in this family. And he’ll certainly fit right in, in this particular madhouse.

I know Ursula would like a girl, if only so she can have an excuse to buy dresses and pink things and flowery things. But on the other hand she would also be quite relieved if they were all boys, because we’re rather fond of boys in this house. The person who’ll be most disappointed if neither of the twins are girls is Jacob, who is absolutely desperate to have a little sister.

The one who we know to be a boy is a bit of a bruiser. He’s big, burly, and probably sitting on his brother/sister’s head as I write. He is baby B, but looking at the notes from the hospital, I’m a bit confused as to whether he’s the one on top, or closer to the emergency exit. As for baby A, well the hope is that we’ll find out more at the next scan, which is in about 3 weeks’ time.


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