All systems go

Big relief: another potential stumbling block on the loft conversion front has been averted. Because we live in a semi-detached house, we have to get what’s called a “party wall agreement”, which is the consent of our adjoining neighbour, before any work can commence. If they didn’t agree, we’d have to employ surveyors, which would cost a load more money and delay the whole process by at least eight weeks, which could have been a bit of a problem given than we’re trying to get this finished before the babies arrive.

So we took round the paperwork for the neighbours to sign on Sunday morning, and they said it shouldn’t be a problem, could they just take a look at it, and they’d drop it back to us later in the day. Sunday evening came and went with no paperwork, so I started to panic. By Monday lunch time I couldn’t take the stress anymore, so I asked Ursula to go round and check whether there was likely to be a problem – unfortunately for me I couldn’t do it as I was at work. Thank God, all was OK, she just wanted to take some advise from someone to check she wasn’t signing the rights to her house way. Anyway, as of this morning, we have the signed party wall agreement, so there shouldn’t be any further obstacles in our way.

Now I have just a few weekends to empty all the crap out of the loft and find somewhere to store it while the work’s being done. Annoyingly, most of what we have up there is old baby stuff left over from Jacob and Max, so we can’t throw it out as we’ll be needing a lot it again. But of course there’s nowhere to put it until the loft’s done. Might have to call up my grandma and borrow some more space in her garage – she’s already got a load of furniture from our old house that we couldn’t fit into the new one.


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