Michael McIntyre

We had a good day on Saturday. Friday was Ursula’s birthday – one of my presents to her was a big canvas print of great photo I took (if I do say so myself) of a dolphin in Florida, which looks very nice on our living room wall.

A dolphin at Clearwater Beach, Florida
A dolphin at Clearwater Beach, Florida

We already had tickets for Michael McIntyre at the Hammersmith Apollo on Saturday night, but the show was at the particularly awkward time of 6:30pm, meaning going out for dinner wasn’t really an option. So Ursula suggested afternoon tea instead, which I duly booked at the Cadogan Hotel in Kensington (you can’t get Claridges or the Dorchester at such short notice). Tea was lovely – excellent sandwiches, hot fresh scones, beautiful cakes, and I had to drink Ursula’s complimentary glass of champagne as she’s still totally off the booze. The Cadogan Square car park was hilarious – almost every other car in there was a dust-covered Ferrari, Aston Martin or Porsche, obviously belonging to the super-rich of Kensington who are never around long enough to drive their supercars. Our poor little Nissan Qashqai felt rather intimidated.

We got to Hammersmith bang on time, rather foolishly as it turned out, because despite the doors opening at 6:30, the show didn’t start until 8:00. The first 45 minutes was spent packed like sardines standing in the swelteringly hot foyer. Ursula, who’s bump has really started to show in the past couple of weeks, was not offered a seat, and she started mumbling along the lines of “he better be bloody funny!” 

Fortunately, he was bloody funny. Face-achingly hilarious in fact, that is if you happened to be in his target demographic – middle class, north London, 30-something, parents of small children. I’m not sure what the students in the audience made of the whole thing, but for me, stories about men in lofts, and baby playgroups, were bang on the money. McIntyre obviously shares a lot of our experiences in the world of 21st century parenting, but I couldn’t help thinking as he joked about his two boys (one of whom has the same name as one of our potentials) about how our experience is about to become so very different.


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