Good news

Ursula got the result of her GTT yesterday – that’s Glucose Tolerance Test – and it was all clear. The test is used to determine whether or not the mother has developed gestational diabetes. Ursula was diagnosed with this in both previous pregnancies, which meant that  she also had to be very careful with what she ate – as if having to abstain from alcohol for 9 months wasn’t bad enough. And in the latter weeks, she had to inject herself with insulin. 

So I’m very relieved, although not entirely surprised, that this time she’s been given the all clear. I was never entirely convinced that she really had it before – her GTT result was always borderline, but they are so over-cautious about these things at our hospital that they’d rather blow hundreds of pounds worth of NHS money on insulin, blood glucose monitors and other treatment, than take a chance that a patient might actually be OK. The danger is supposed to be that it makes the babies grow too fast, but Jacob was bang on average right the way through the pregnancy, and Max was a bit on the large side, but nothing to write home about. Of course if the twins ended up being too big, then Ursula’s bump would become totally unfeasible, something which it’s in grave danger of doing anyway. She has really popped out in the last couple of weeks, and she’s only about half way through. We might have to get her a mobility scooter before this is all over.

There is a chance the diabetes will come on later in the pregnancy, but fingers crossed that won’t happen.

The major downside of all these tests and whatnot is that Ursula has to keep disappearing off first thing in the morning to get to the hospital, meaning that I’m getting plenty of practice at managing the boys by myself in the morning. It’s not getting any easier – I got Jacob to school late again yesterday, something which is not helped by the fact that it’s totally impossible to get a parking space within half a mile of the school until all the other, better organised parents have already dropped their kids off and left.

Ursula read on some parenting website that the babies are old enough to hear now, so she’s been trying to get Jacob and Max to talk to them. They haven’t been particularly interested to be honest, although we’re fairly sure the babies have figured out by now that Max is a nutter.

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