It’s a boy…and another boy

So there you go. All hopes Ursula, Jacob, and anyone else in the family might have had that we would finally provide a female Hirschkorn have been well and truly dashed. We went back to that fateful place, the Fetal Medicine Centre, the building in which we originally discovered we were having twins. And their news for us today, once again there for us to see in plain view on the screen in front of us, was that both babies are definitely boys. I have seen it with my own eyes – there is no disputing it.

Now in one sense, this is totally ridiculous. What are the odds of two successive generations of a family being made up entirely of males? 6 Hirschkorn boys born in the space of 5 and a half years. It beggars belief. We are now firmly of the belief that I am carrying some kind of genetic deformity which prevents me from being able to produce female offspring. I feel a tinge of disappointment at this news – having a girl would certainly have been interesting. And I feel terribly sorry for Jacob who, as I have mentioned before, was absolutely desperate to have at least one little sister. And I feel a bit sorry for Ursula, although less so, because she only really wanted a girl so she’d have an excuse to buy lots of pink things and sparkly things. 

On the other hand, it’s a relief, and for a few reasons. First, as I’ve said here before, the prospect of boys is a lot less scary, as we have a fair bit of recently acquired experience in this field. We won’t have any trouble with one or the other of them feeling left out as they grow up, and life will also be easier from the perspective of how many bedrooms we require in our house. Our house will become even more over-run than it already is with Power Rangers, dinosaurs and Star Wars characters, but again, we’re kind of used to all that.

Oh by the way, the most important news from the scan is that both babies are in perfect health. They have all their fingers and toes, their hearts are working properly, and they are growing nicely. The baby previously referred to on this blog as Baby B seems mysteriously to have morphed into Foetus 1. He’s the one on the left, causing Ursula the most trouble from a kicking, bouncing and tickling perspective, and you could see why during the scan, as he barely stopped wriggling for a second. Foetus 2, on the right, is a more placid soul, so we’re hoping he’ll turn out to be another little Jacob. Max kicked and wriggled for England when he was inside, and he hasn’t stopped yet.

This week’s other news is decidedly less cheery. Albert, our lovely big fat tabby cat of eight years, had a nasty accident over the weekend. We don’t know for sure, but it’s quite likely he was hit by a car. We had to take him to the emergency vet yesterday, who has today confirmed that he had a dislocated leg and tail, and a badly fractured pelvis. They’ve done their best to fix him up, but it’s likely he’ll never be able to use his tail again, and it won’t be clear for another few days exactly how much nerve damage there is. It’s very upsetting – he was my first baby – but he’s always been a tough old boot, so we’re keeping our paws tightly crossed for him.

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