I felt the babies (well, at least one of them) kick for the first time the other day. It’s weird – we’ve been through this whole pregnancy thing twice before, but even third time round, it’s quite an emotional experience. Feeling them move makes the whole thing so much more real. It makes you realise there really are real people in there, not just some blurry shapes on a computer screen in the clinic.

Ursula’s been feeling the movement for a few weeks now, but it’s getting more and more pronouced, to the point where they’ve actually been keeping her awake at night. Far from ideal, when you consider how tired the pregnancy is making her anyway. She put it very succinctly today: the babies are sapping all her energy, and using it to kick her. Nice.

The whole concept of having a living thing moving around inside your belly still completely freaks me out. I’m sure this is why nature made sure it’s not men who get pregnant. We wouldn’t be able to cope with the weirdness of the whole thing.

Speaking of movement, things are seriously moving along on the loft front. They’re due to start work in either the first or second week of November. Given that we’ve got Jacob’s birthday party on the first weekend of the month, and we’re going away the weekend after, that means I only have this weekend to get all our old rubbish down from the loft. This is absolutely terrifying to me – there’s a lot of crap up there and this is a big job which I was anticipating splitting over a few weekends to make it more manageable. We’re taking the kids to Disney on Ice on Saturday – for what is surely the last time as there’s no way we’ll ever be able to afford 6 tickets for a show like that –  so that effectively means I have one day to sort out the whole thing. Oh bollocks.

A quick aside – I absolutely love WordPress, this blogging service. For reasons unknown, my browser just crashed and I thought I’d lost this entire entry. But I logged back in and it had saved everything except the last few words. Brilliant.


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