Disney on Ice

The O2
The O2

Today was one of our big family days out – Disney on Ice presents Finding Nemo at the O2, otherwise known as the Millennium Dome in Greenwich. This was partly a joint birthday present for the boys (Max’s was last week, Jacob’s is next week) and partly because we’re terribly indulgent parents. At over £40 a ticket, there is no way in hell we will ever be able to afford to do this with four children.

Ignoring the obscene amounts of money spent (which is very hard to do if you’re me) it was actually a very fun day out. We were debating whether to go on the Thames Clipper, which we did last year and was a lot of fun, but Jacob’s feeling a bit under the weather, and it was supposed to rain, so we decided to drive. I spent 29 minutes on hold trying to get through to the parking booking line yesterday, which turned out to be a complete waste of time because there were plenty of spaces in the car park even if you just turned up without booking.

The timings all worked out very well. We got into the 02 at about 12:45, which was perfect timing to get into one of the many restaurants there. 15 minutes later and we’d have spent half an hour in a queue trying to get something to eat. After lunch at Zizzi, we had just enough time to go and buy the boys each an obscenely overpriced lighting up Nemo toy before finding our seats. Thanks to my wife’s ridiculously organised nature – she signed up for the pre-booking scheme after last year’s show, and booked the tickets on the day pre-booking opened – we were in the front row, seated right beside the ice.

Rinkside seats
Rinkside seats

The show was really well done – great costumes and props, very spectacular – and it was really special to see the huge smiles on the boys’ faces all the way through, and how excited they were when they got to high-five a turtle.

Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse

Skating fishes
Skating fishes

I do hope we get to do stuff like this with the twins, but I fear we may have to win the lottery first. Speaking of which, I found a tenner lying on the ground in Homebase car park last week (a good omen?) so I have 10 tickets for tonight’s lotto draw. With any luck, my next entry on this blog will be posted from a Caribbean beach…

On a separate note – we got confirmation from the loft people yesterday that they are starting on 3rd November, i.e. in 9 days time, so it is now total panic stations trying to get everything organised. Tomorrow is the last day I have for emptying the vast amounts of crap out of the loft, because next weekend is Jacob’s birthday party. And we also realised we had to order our bathroom pretty sharpish, otherwise there wouldn’t be anything for them to plumb in. Turns out the Bathstore’s sale ends tomorrow, so in a case of serendipitous timing, Ursula went shopping yesterday and ordered a shower, a loo and lots of exciting accessories.


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