Lofty heights

So I spent all of last week panicking about the job required of me – emptying all our old crap out of the loft so that the builders can start work on the official start date, which is November 3rd. Once I actually got down to it on Sunday morning – with a little help from my dad, it only took about 2 hours. It was bloody hard work, not helped by the fact that it was pissing with rain, making it tricky getting all the stuff out into the garage. And the garage, which was previously Ursula’s office, is now rammed to the gills with boxes, bags, suitcases, old furniture, and the rest. A lot of it is old baby stuff which will come in very useful, but we won’t have anywhere to put it until the loft is done so we can set up the babies’ nursery.

I got a call from the builders yesterday to say they’re coming on Thursday to put up the scaffolding. That’s the day after tomorrow. I can’t believe how quickly this is all happening.


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