My latest obsession, now that the loft’s pretty much under control, and the car is too big a deal for me to even start thinking about, is pushchairs.

We are already in possession of enough wheeled transport for 5 children. Yet we will certainly be buying at least one more double buggy. The double buggy we bought when Max was born (Jacob was only just 2 at the time so we wanted a way to get them both around without requiring two adults) was frankly a bit crap and not really suitable for newborn twins. Indeed it was one of few things I threw out when emptying the loft at the weekend. The remaining pushchairs we own are all single seaters, so we have no choice but to add to the tally.

I’m sure the most sensible solution is just to get a double Maclaren, since this is undoubtedly what they’ll end up in anyway. Maclarens really are the only option for any babies once they get beyond about 6 months because they relatively lightweight, they fold down very small and very easily, they’re easy for the kids to get in and out of by themselves once they can walk, etc etc. But we have of course fallen into the standard parenthood trap of thinking that it would be nice to have a bells-and-whistles, nice-looking pushchair. You’d have thought we’d learned our lesson, having been through this twice before.

The Jané Powertwin Pro (don’t you just love the naming?) looks really cool, and comfortable for the babies, plus it has the advantage of being a tandem rather than a side-by-side, so it might actually fit through doorways. It’s also very expensive, and suffers from the ridiculous design flaw that the front seat is not suitable from birth, despite it being called the PowerTWIN. That means that if you want to use it for newborns, you have to get the compatible car seats, which clip on to the chassis and are suitable from birth, but push up the price of the whole package to astronomical levels. There are some bargains to be had on the Internet if you go for last year’s colours (as if that makes any difference!) but then you can’t get the most up-to-date and safety-conscious car seats. 

Speaking of which, we already have at our disposal two baby car seats. But they are old (the first one was bought for Jacob five years ago) and have been used for four babies between them (including my two nephews). Furthermore they are bulky, very heavy, and don’t use the latest safety technology. So we are sorely tempted to upgrade to two new car seats, whether opt for the Maclaren or the Powertwin. Which means the whole lot is going to cost north of £500, whichever way we go.

I’m sure this has been the most boring blog post ever for anyone other than prospective parents, but I was hoping that by writing it all down, I would be able to clarify my thoughts and actually make a decision. But I’m just as confused as I was when I started…

One thought on “Pushchairs”

  1. Mike
    Also being a father of four, I have some experience in this area. We don’t have twins but our 3rd and 4th are only 13 months apart! Totally recomend the Jane Powertwin Pro. It is fantastic. And you can use the front seat from birth but, in any event, the easiest thing is to use the car seats on the buggy at the beginning and so the major attraction for us was to be able to do that and still get into regular shops.
    Just know that, when collapsed the Jane Powertwin Pro is very bulky. It will not fit into the average boot. We had a Ford Galaxy and it was a squeeze.
    Anyway, these things are just design to distract us from the pending arrival. But enjoy, and do so in good health.

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