Gender stereotypes?

If ever there was a more stark illustration of the male-female divide than this, I’d be surprised.

The scaffolding went up on Thursday (pictures to follow). In response, on Friday morning, Ursula and I both made calls to separate services companies. Hers was to a portaloo hire company, after one of the scaffolders came in to use the toilet and left muddy footprints all over the rug. There is no way, she said, that we could possibly have strange men coming in to use our facilities for the next six weeks.

Mine was to a satellite engineer, after the scaffolding blocked the signal to our dish. There is absolutely no way, I said, that I could cope without my Sky+ for the next 6 weeks.

We now have a portaloo stinking out the front drive, and the satellite dish has been moved to the outside of the scaffolding. So order has been returned to both our male and female universes.


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