Loft progress

So it looks like we chose the worst week to go away. While we were in Barbados, work on the loft proceeded at an unbelievable rate. The gable end was built, the rear dormer was built, all the windows were fitted, all the internal walls were insulated and plastered. On the day we got back, the inside of the house still looked completely normal. But they chose the day we got back, with our horrendous jetlag, to break through the ceiling from the loft to the landing, and build the new stairs. Again, amazing speed of work – I couldn’t believe they could do all that in one day – but it didn’t make the house the most pleasant of places to be.


New staircase
New staircase

This week has ben total mayhem. The plasterers are in, and it’s incredible the mess they make. They’re doing very good work, but the entire house is full of dust, muck and general unpleasantness. We’ve also got the plumber, the electrician and the roofers in, in addition to the regular carpenters. We also had the painter come to measure up this morning, so all in all we had about 10 workmen in the house. I can’t wait until this bit’s over. I hope you appreciate what your parents are going through for you, babies (but I know you don’t!)


The new gable end
The new gable end
Rear dormer
Rear dormer

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