Progress report

Oh dear, is it really nearly two weeks since I last posted? How useless I am. I keep giving myself the excuse that I’m too tired to post, so I’ll do it tomorrow. I’ve obviously done that now for the last 13 days in a row.

The loft is now entirely finished except for one last thing – the carpet. As it happens, the carpet has been the only real stumbling block in this entire process. We ordered it through Carpetright – through force of habit as they have carpeted our last three houses – on the basis that they could guarantee a pre-Christmas fitting. But as Christmas crept closer and closer, they kept making different excuses until we reached the point where had absolutely no faith whatsoever that we would actually have carpet this year. So eventually we cancelled and re-ordered through Allied Carpets, who have confirmed a fitting date of next Thursday. That will be the very last stage of the build, so next weekend we will actually be able to start moving upstairs.

The last couple of weeks have been a triumph of Ursula-esque organisation, with all the painting, plumbing, electrics, tiling, connecting the TV points to the aerial, window cleaning and a thousand other little things all completed within an amazingly short space of time.

I don’t remember if I’ve mentioned the big falling out I had with the boss of the loft conversion company. I’m glad I didn’t post anything on the day that happened, as I’m sure I would have said things I wasn’t proud of. Anyway, it’s all water under the bridge now as the job is officially finished, although that’s just reminded me that we still have sent back the sign-off papers that were the basis for the falling out in the first place. Oops. My computer is currently off at the Apple Store being repaired, but as soon as I get it back, I’ll post some more up-to-date pictures of the loft.

We did the first bit of nursery preparation the other day. The electrician moved the light fitting from our bedroom up into our new room in the loft, so we had to put something up to replace it in our current room which is soon to become the nursery. It looks a bit silly having an ABC light shade over our bed, but it’s quite nice that things are finally progressing. 

It feels like we’ve left things very much until the last minute in terms of actually preparing for the arrival of two new babies. With both previous babies, we’ve been buying up the entire stock of Mothercare from pretty much the second the blue line appeared on the little stick. But this time, because the main thing we had to do was make the house big enough for a family of six, we haven’t really had a chance to think about anything else. When we finally vacate our bedroom in the next week or two, we will at last be able to start preparing properly. And that’s when we’ll realise how hideously unprepared we are. We’ve got boxes and boxes of old baby stuff to sort through, but I’m sure we’ll find we’ve thrown most of the useful stuff out – we reached a point about two years ago when we said we definitely weren’t going to have any more children so there was no point in keeping anything. So I fear there is much shopping to be done in the coming weeks. Anyway, we only ever had one of anything before, and of course now we need two of everything. Oh god!

We have our first cot, very kindly donated by our lovely friends the Pearls, who most irritatingly moved to Cambridge last year. Our other cot (which actually belongs to us) is currently in use by my nephew, so I’m rather hoping his new bed turns up before the twins do, or somebody’s going to be sleeping on the floor.

Ursula is looking like she’s ready to pop. People keep asking her if she’s due before Christmas – her belly is at least as big as a full term belly for a single pregnancy, and there’s still two months to go. In fact if you believe the official measurements, there’s still 11 weeks to go, but I think they’re a week out anyway. Besides, twins very rarely go to term, and according to the midwife, twins can be born at anything from 34 weeks. Which is in about 5 weeks time. Oh my f•••••g god! Ignoring the fact that she is finding it increasingly difficult to move, she also gets extremely tired, and has to contend with regular internal beatings from not one but two babies. The next few weeks are going to be so much fun…


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