I am well aware that I haven’t posted for more than 2 weeks. I am a bad person. The last few weeks have been so packed, that every evening I have felt too tired to write everything, and as a result this blog has been very poorly maintained. Life will be returning to normal (briefly – until the babies arrive) in about 36 hours time, so hopefully I will find more time to write once we’re back in a routine.

The Christmas holiday has been a blur of building, schlepping and sorting. It all started the weekend before Christmas, when I invited my dad over for a special treat – helping me to move the bed up to our new bedroom in the loft. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, especially with my two little assistants (Jacob & Max). But the hard part, which took up most of the rest of the weekend, was moving up all the rest of our stuff, like the clothes from the wardrobes, the bedside tables, the rest of the furniture, bathroom stuff, and more. But it was worth it – the new bedroom is absolutely lovely. It feels much bigger than we thought it would with all the furniture in. The view over the park out the back window is lovely – it almost feels like we’re in the country. It’s really nice having an en suite bathroom. And the new 32in TV I bought, and wall-mounted all by myself without any help from anyone (oh yes, they don’t call me Mr DIY for nothing) makes us want to never leave the room.

With the old bedroom moved out of, we could start work on getting the nursery ready. But first we had to free up some of the furniture from Max’s room, which meant a total reorganisation of all his stuff, including the building of a new, much larger wardrobe for him. That was an absolute nightmare – 5 hours of hard slog, again with no help, and all while suffering from the same nasty cold that the entire family has had over Christmas. But Max’s room is at last quite nice, with room for the kids to actually play in it for the first time since we moved to this house.

Sorting out the babies’ room was largely a process of going through all the boxes and and bags I had brought down from the loft before the conversion started, to see what baby stuff we still had left over from the previous two. We seem to have a phenomenal amount of clothing for 18-24 month olds, but not all that much newborn stuff. I think that when Max outgrew his newborn stuff, we were so convinced we were never going to have any more babies that we threw it all out!

So there are an awful lot of bags of clothes for older babies and toddlers which need to go back up into the rather petite storage cupboards under the eaves in the loft, but we did find plenty to fill up our old wardrobes in the nursery. We have of course had to do an inordinate amount of shopping for the baby stuff we couldn’t find, plus the fact that we’re having two means we’ve had to double up on lots of things. So in addition to all the schlepping etc already mentioned, Christmas has also been awash with plentiful visits to Mothercare, Mamas & Papas and Babies R Us.

We got our old cot back from my brother, and also a donation of another cot from some goods friends of ours, whose 2-year-old daughter has recently outgrown hers. Unfortunately when we put this up in the nursery (another day of building flat pack furniture) it turned out to be rather enormous. So yet another trip to Mamas & Papas to pick up their cheapy cheapy cot in the sale, which also happens to be nice and petite and fits better in a room which already has one cot in it.

We retrieved our old baby car seat from my parents’ loft, and got my brother’s one, which is the same. So that ought to have been one problem solved. But both are completely knackered, missing all their bits and pieces, and weigh a tonne. So I’ve had to order two brand new seats, together with Isofix bases for the car. It has been a ridiculously expensive couple of weeks.

My flow has just been rudely interrupted by a sobbing 5-year-old, who could get to sleep because he kept thinking about scary things like skulls and crossbones. So I will save my posting about other recent developments for another day.


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