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As we are now very much on the home stretch, I have resolved to keep this thing much more up to date in the coming weeks. The pregnancy is now at either 33 or 34 weeks, depending on which calculation you believe. And twin pregnancies rarely go beyond 36 or 37 weeks, so whichever way you look at it we don’t have long to go.

We have been occupying ourselves with practicalities. We now have two cots, two moses baskets, and we caved and bought two new baby car seats, which have now arrived. The kitchen cupboards are full of baby bottles and bibs. Ursula has even packed her hospital bag.


The enormabump
The enormabump

The bump is expanding on a daily basis and looks totally ridiculous now. I don’t actually understand how it’s possible to walk with something that size on your front (and yes, that’s coming from me, someone with lots of experience of carrying a heavy load!) To be fair, Ursula is having great difficulty on the mobility front. Just moving from the kitchen to the living room exhausts her, so I don’t envy her having to walk up two flights of stairs to our new bedroom. She’s also suffering badly from symphysis pubis, were the pelvic bones loosen and grate against each other, and carpal tunnel syndrome, which you wouldn’t think could be related to pregnancy, but apparently it is and is quite common in twin pregnancies. This means her hands keep going to sleep, particularly at night, and I keep getting woken up in the middle of the night with the whole bed shaking as she tries to wake her hands up.

I’m not exactly wishing for the pregnancy to be over, because I still don’t think I’m in any way mentally prepared for having four kids, but this part of the pregnancy is really dragging. We are, practically if not emotionally, as ready as we’ll ever be now, so it really just feels like a waiting game, which makes time go so much slower. And for Ursula’s sake it would be lovely to get rid of all the discomfort. Not to mention the fact that all the extra childcare, cooking, etc is pretty tiring for me 😉

A couple of bits of positive news: we have taken on somebody to help out at home – not sure what you would call her. Not exactly a nanny because she won’t be looking after the kids on her own. More an extra pair of hands for Ursula, so I guess “mother’s help” is probably the most appropriate title. She’ll be doing three afternoons a week, helping to pick up the boys from school and nursery, helping to look after the babies, helping with tea time and bath time etc. I haven’t actually met her yet. We had already employed somebody else, but then this woman, Beatrice (Romanian of course) came for an interview while I was at work, and Ursula liked her so much that she had to tell the other woman we’d changed our minds. Beatrice comes highly recommended from a close friend of Max’s nursery teacher, and she came for a few hours on Wednesday and the boys both seemed to get on very well with her. I should finally get to meet her on Tuesday.

The other good thing is that Ursula spoke to Bupa earlier this week, because we’d heard that they cover birth in a private hospital if it’s medically necessary to have a caesarian section. Ursula spent almost the entirety of a very frustrating day on the phone on Tuesday trying to find out the details, and it seems we are indeed covered, thanks to baby A being in the breach position and having very little chance of turning around now that they’re both so enormous. We’ll have to pay to top up the consultant’s fees, but it will be small change compared to the multiple thousands of pounds it normally costs to have a private birth. Nothing is set in stone yet – we’ve got an initial consultation on Thursday – but if all goes well we may end up having the babies in the Portland. Paparazzi beware!


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