Going out

We went out for dinner and a movie last night for what will probably be the last time for many months, if not years. The babies could come any day now, and I think we’re going to have trouble finding a babysitter who wants to take on four children any time soon.

Incidentally, the movie was Slumdog Millionaire, which was good but not as amazing as I’d been lead to believe it was going to be.

So I’m on high alert today. The babies were not moving this morning – they normally wake up with the alarm clock well before we do. And Ursula says that they are feeling particularly heavy on her pelvis today. These are both signs that they could be moving into position ready for their exit. This is not what we want. We’re meeting the consultant at the Portland on Thursday, so it would be most inconvenient if they were to decide to come into the world within the next 48 hours. Trouble is, Ursula had a regular scan at the Whittington yesterday (NHS hospital) and the little bugger that was the wrong way up, necessitating a medically necessary C-section, has now turned around and is in the perfect position for a natural birth. If we make it to Thursday we’ll have to see if the consultant can still come up with a reason why Bupa would have to cover the treatment.

The babies now weigh about 2.5kg (that’s about 5.5 pounds) each, which is perfectly big enough for them to be delivered without any expected health complications. And it means that Ursula is currently carrying around 11 pounds of baby, and with every day that goes by, that figure gets higher.


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