I’m not sure whether these pregnancy hormones are funny or just scary. Picture the scene – tears streaming down her cheeks, and between the sobs you can just about make out the words “But I thought you liked Masterchef”. I’m sure it wasn’t the act of a gallant husband to burst out laughing at this point, but it was just so absurd.

Anyway, once I’d conceded that I do, in fact, like Masterchef, although perhaps not quite as much as she does, order was restored to the universe.

On a more serious note, poor Ursula has now reached the totally desperate stage of pregnancy – i.e. desperate to get the little buggers out. She is almost totally immobile, requires approximately 19 hours of sleep a day and yet is still always completely exhausted when conscious. Two delightful side effects of this situation are total boredom and utter frustration. It’s no wonder she’s moody, but that doesn’t make it any easier when you’re on the receiving end. She called the obstetrician’s secretary today to see if there was any way of bringing the whole process forward a few days, but sadly to no avail. So unless Trouble A and Trouble B decide to make an appearance of their own accord, something which they are showing no sign whatsoever of doing, we won’t know any more until Thursday. Tick tick tick…

One thought on “Hormonal”

  1. Ah yes, the curse of pregnancy hormones… I remember sobbing that we had run out of cheese. Not that I even wanted cheese you understand; that was beside the point!

    I really don’t think you can win on this one as even calm understanding will result in floods of tears (probably accompanied by cries of “you can’t possibly understand; you’re not host to two enormous parasites etc etc”)

    I would keep busy, keep agreeing with her (convincingly) and good luck!!

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