All systems go!

T minus 11 days, and counting…

We are officially booked in for a C-section at the Portland on Monday 9th February. It was an incredibly nerve-racking morning, made all the more nailbiting by a rather stressful moment with Bupa. The consultant’s assistant called them to get authorisation for the treatment, and was told that we’d have to wait 48 hours for a decision. Cue mass panic, thoughts racing round our heads that they were going to find some reason not to pay, what were we going to do, oh my god oh my god. So I suggested to Ursula that she call Bupa herself and explain to them that it wasn’t the best idea ever to really stress out a 36-week pregnant hypertensive woman. It turned out that whoever the obstetrician’s assistant had spoken to had been talking out of their backside. There was no problem at all, and they gave us our authorisation number then and there. So we can now rest easy in the knowledge that it’s all actually going ahead as planned. The only thing that might stop us from resting easy is the knowledge that in no more than a week and a half’s time, we will have two newborn babies to cope with. Oh yeah, that.

We’re going back in for another check-up on Monday. If anything’s changed they may move the C-section forward to the end of next week. But assuming all goes to plan, we now have 10 and a half days until lift off.

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