Holy Crap

I had a moment of terror this evening. I was explaining to the boys that, by this time next week, they will have two new baby brothers. Did you catch that? This time next week. Oh my fucking god. Excuse my language, but I think this whole thing is finally starting to really hit home. In less than 6 days’ time, we will be the parents of four children.

Continual bouts of panic keep flashing through our minds. Ursula raised an interesting point – how the hell do you burp two babies simultanously? I’m worrying about the week after the birth, which is half term, meaning I will have to look after the boys (big variety) but also be around 24/7 to look after the wife and boys (small variety). I’m also panicking about…well, about pretty much everything really. I can’t believe it’s really happening so soon.

There are no further developments on the impending labour front. We never got to our appointment with the obstetrician yesterday because of the snow – for those of you reading this from outside England, the entire country pretty much came to a standstill yesterday. Ursula spoke to his PA on the phone today, and he says he doesn’t need to see her again until the big day, next Monday, meaning there’s no chance of bringing things forward unless the babies come by themselves. But six days is quite soon enough if you ask me. There have been no further signs of premature labour – just the usual extreme tiredness and general grumpiness, but we’re kind of used to those by now. 

During one of our multiple bouts of sleeplessness over the weekend, Ursula caught an episode of Portland Babies on Discovery Health and Sky+ed it so we could watch it together. It was all about a woman who was pregnant with twin boys and discovered her insurance covered her to have a C-section at the Portland. Sound familiar? Well Ursula was, and indeed still is, completely freaked out by the whole caesarian thing, watching them slice open your belly and yank the babies out. To be fair, I can see where she’s coming from, but as I’m not the one that has to go through that, I didn’t affect me in quite the same way. But the bit that did completely freak me out was when they discovered that one of her two boys was, in fact, a girl. Can you imagine that?


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