Last day at work

Today is my last day in the office in this phase of my life. The next time I sit at this desk, everything will be very different. If it’s been hard concentrating on work while thinking about the impending arrival, imagine what it’s going to be like with the distraction of two new babies at home.

In case you’re wondering, the reason I’m not at work tomorrow is because Ursula got a call from the hospital yesterday saying we need to go in on Friday for a booking in appointment and to meet the midwives. It will probably only take half an hour or so, but the only appointment they had is right in the middle of the day. So it’s time to put into practice the theory that I will be able to do some work from home over the coming weeks. I did finally get around to setting up a desk and a computer in the new office in the loft last weekend, and I’ve set up my computer at work so I can access it over the Internet. We shall see.


One thought on “Last day at work”

  1. Mike. I wish you both all the best. I can even begin to imagine how you are feeling right now! I’m sure it’s about 20 different emotions all put together!

    Stay calm with the knowledge that we are around to help when we can.

    Monica x

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