I know this probably should have happened weeks (or even months) ago, but this whole baby thing is really starting to feel like reality now. We went for the booking-in appointment at the hospital today, and it just made us think “oh my god, this is really happening.” And not only is it really happening, but it’s really happening in a little over two days. In fact we’re at the point where we can measure it in hours now – we’ll be checking into the hospital in about 60 hours’ time.

There’s nothing exciting to report about the booking in – we met one of the chief midwives who was very friendly, comforting and reassuring, and went through everything on the booking in form in more detail than you could possibly imagine. We also handed in all the admissions paperwork to an extremely excited admissions officer, who was delighted to discover that our babies are going to be born on her birthday.

We were a little worried we weren’t going to make it into the hospital yet again this morning, as it was bucketing with snow when we woke up. But things cleared up pretty quickly – even though Jacob’s school was inexplicably and infuriatingly closed again. Fortunately my mum was around to look after him this afternoon, so we didn’t have to schlep him to the hospital with us. We’re still keeping our fingers very tightly crossed that the snow doesn’t cause any more disruption on Monday. And Ursula’s keeping her legs very tightly crossed, but just for another couple of days.


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