It’s pretty unbelievable that Zach and Jonah are already a month old. You don’t notice the changes so much when you see them every day, but when you think back to a month ago, the most marked difference is in their size. When they were born, they seemed unimaginably tiny. I had to rush out to Mothercare on the day we got home from the hospital to get a load of tiny baby sized clothes and nappies because, being twins, and being born a couple of weeks before their due date, they were a fair bit smaller than average at first. They comfortably slept side by side in the hospital crib, and then in a moses basket when we got home.

The tiny baby vests and babygrows have long since been consigned to the top shelf of the wardrobe, never to be worn again. And no, this time they will not be heading into a box in the loft, because we will most definitely not be needing them again. And the babies are now comfortably filling out a moses basket each, and it seems absurd that they could have gone in one together so recently. At their most recent weigh-in, they were both hovering around the 8lb mark. For Jonah, that means a 33% increase in body weight. When you look at it like that, it’s no wonder they seem so big now.

The other thing that grows hand in hand with the babies is the amount of formula they get through. The stuff costs a bloody fortune, and between them they’re getting through one of those big tubs of powder about every three or four days. We’re thinking about moving them up to the next stage (level 2 “for hungrier babies”) as they’re frequently polishing off their bottles and I can’t imagine it would be good for them, or even feasible, to ingest any more fluid in a day. I am also living in the vain hope that this will encourage them to go longer between feeds, consequently allowing us to get more sleep at night. Well a man can dream, can’t he.

As I write this, the baby monitor is sitting across the table, flashing and squawking at me, the signal that it is once again time to go and attend to my fatherly duties. So I’d better cut this short…

One thought on “Monsters”

  1. I feel for you Mike, I’m waiting for mine to wake up whilst watching First Blood, the first of many feeds tonight!

    You back at work yet?


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