12 Hours

12 hours. That’s how long the babies slept last night. And I thought last week’s jump up to 6 hours was impressive. 

Their ability to sleep quite so long was discovered rather by accident. The night before last, we were exhausted so went to bed early and I set the alarm to wake me up for their bedtime feed at 11pm. Only, in my hazy brain state, I actually set the alarm for 11am. So I woke up at around 1 in the morning wondering (a) why the alarm hadn’t gone off; and (b) why the babies hadn’t woken me up anyway. Never mind, I thought. I’ll just wait for them to wake me whenever they’re ready. I then proceeded to have a horribly disturbed night, waking up by myself about once an hour, wondering what on earth had happened to my babies. They eventually decided to make their presence felt at 5am, not the nicest time of day to have to get up, but considering their last feed had been at 5 the previous afternoon, this got us to thinking.

So yesterday evening we fed them at a more normal time of 6:30, and decided to test the theory of how long they would go after that. I was woken by a complaining Jonah at 6:30 on the dot this morning. 

This is huge. Assuming, of course, that this is a pattern they intend to continue, and not just a temporary blip for a few days. It means no more sleepless nights, no worrying about what time to go to bed. The ability to get consecutive, full, unbroken nights of sleep marks a return to normality that makes life with 4 children so much more bearable.

Of course, 4 children still take something like 3 hours to get up, fed and dressed in the morning, so even with a 6:30 start today I was still rushing to get Max to nursery at 9:15. But we’re making progress. In a few months’ time, we might even be able to be out of the house within two and a half hours.


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