Up and down

Today has been a generally shitty day. It started off pretty miserable but I had solid plans to spend a good chunk of time during the school day feeling more positive by getting firmly stuck into work. But that wasn’t to be as just as I was about to start, I got a shitty phone call about a really shitty problem to do with the even shittier situation that is my former business. I then proceeded to spend the next 3 hours making calls, sending emails and doing paperwork, which took me right up to shitty school pickup time. 

I am currently sitting in the waiting area at twin 2’s ballet class (yes he’s a proper metrosexual, about which I will write more another time), castigating twin 1 for his customary inability to turn his volume knob any lower than 11, while desperately trying to avoid making eye contact with any of the yummy mummies to whom I chatted so enthusiastically last week when I was feeling more positive about my role as Mr Mum. 

During last week’s ballet lesson, I took great pleasure in showing my children around the building where I spent so many hours of my own toddlerhood – this is where I went to nursery – and made some amazing friends, some of whom I’m still in contact with today, 38 years later. I wonder if any of them are having midlife crises too?

I’m now contemplating the possibility of doing the work this evening that I was planning to do during the day, wondering how I will find the motivation after getting home from ballet, supervising homework and violin practice, feeding four hungry mouths, and so on and so on. 

I note a not-altogether surprising correlation between my mood and my ability to produce light-hearted (and presumably more entertaining) blog posts. I also suspect that the quality of my copy is not up to quite the same standard when it’s typed on the screen of my iPhone rather than a good old-fashioned computer keyboard. Indeed my thumbs are starting to ache now – I’d make a terrible 21st century teenager. So I guess it’s time to sign off. Hopefully I’ll be back with something a little more upbeat tomorrow. 


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